The Tenth Door

02It is said that the body is the temple of God with nine doors and that the “Prana- Vayu” or life force can leave the body from any of these doors. However in between the middle of the eyes, lies the “Shiva –Netra” which opens up during meditation. It helps becomes one with the ONE and witnesses the turmoil and later all-pervading peace. This painting depicts that eye or the Tenth Door, which when opened, liberates, uplifts and leads you to the final bliss….

Abstract using Palette Knife and Brush
Medium Oil
Size: 36 x 24 inches

Now You See Her, Now You Don’t (Part 1)

Pictures-12-10-13 021Abstract
Acrylic using Brush
Size: 18 x 24 inches

Flowers or Leaves?

Flowers 001Abstract using Palette Knife and Brush
Medium Oil
Size: 36 x 48 inches

Power Of A Woman

Pictures-12-10-13 009Abstract Textured Art using Brush
Medium Acrylic
Size: 16 x 24 inches

Melting Leaf

Pictures-12-10-13 007Abstract using Palette Knife,
Medium Acrylic
Size: 17.5 x 23.5 inches


Pictures-12-10-13 001' Abstract using Palette Knife
Medium Acrylic
Size: 36 x 24 inches


Pictures-12-10-13 005Textured Art using Knife
Oil on Stretched Canvas
Size: 20 x 20 inches

The Wait

09This painting depicts the long wait of two men who are in no hurry.  They know what they seek will be at the end of the journey.  This pause in the journey is just a medium to the end

Painting using Brush strokes
Medium Acrylic
Size: 23 x 19 inches

The Locked Door

015This work depicts the projection of future. All the hopes, fears, expectations, wishes and unseen-unknown outcomes of our action – all locked and the key thrown away. One wants to open the door yet have doubts, trepidation, caution and even fear of unknown holding one back.

Acrylic painting
Brush Strokes
Sizes: 23 x 19 inches


Pictures-12-10-13 020All human emotions and upheavals leave a mark on our inner being. Deep colors here depict raw anger, jealousy, greed and even zest for life . The reflections show how every small event leaves a mark on our subconscious mind

Painting using Pallet Knife
Medium Oil
Size: 22 x 28 inches

Kanha’s Tribal Avatar

Radhapics1 001Semi-Abstract Textured Art using Palette Knife
Medium Acrylic
Size: 16 x 24 inches

Murali’s “Kanha”

Pictures-12-10-13 015In Hindi script, the bar or ‘Matra’ changes pronunciation and meaning. ‘Gha’ becomes ‘Dha’ for the want of a correct ‘Matra’. While we all see the flute in ‘Kanha’s Murali’, this painting depicts the ‘Murali’ as both an instrument of mellifluous notes and a matra, a punctuation, changing sound and meaning.

Painting using Brush Strokes
Medium Oil
Size: 17 x 24 Inches

Place Of Worship

DSC_4543Oil on Canvas Board
Knife Painting
Size: 16’’ x 24”

Glory Of The Night

027Mixed Medium Oil & Acrylic
Size: 12 x 12 inches


Pictures-12-10-13 008Abstract Textured Art
Medium Acrylic
Size: 24 x 24


DSC_4540Before union with God, the conflicts of duality are to be resolved. Day and night, the weak and the powerful, good deeds and sinful acts are all the dualities, portrayed time and again in nature. The greatest among these, which we meet during our inner journey, are Good and Evil. This painting depicts this very Duality.

Painting using Brush strokes, Medium Acrylic
These are two paintings framed as one 38×28 (These are two paintings framed as one and each one is 17×25)

 ~ SOLD ~

Bird Conference

Pictures-12-10-13 006'The more you look at it the more you hear the chirping of the lovely birds all perched on a wire. Looks as if they are all set to have a conference

Painting using brush strokes, Medium Acrylic
Size: 23×17 inches

Holy Cow

016Here is the Holy Cow! Literally so! Blue sky, blue pond are the perils of life and in the middle is our bundle of “Karma” and determination to fight all odds. The “Karma and the effort angle male it feel like “Work is worship”.

Painting using Pallet Knife, Medium Acrylic
Size: 25×19 inches

 ~ SOLD ~

Joys of Life


Simple vases are holding many stems of flowers, all of them managing to bloom and make a statement of life. It just goes to state that no matter how humble or challenging one’s starting point is, one can achieve joy and success if one is determined to fight all odds.

Best set against light walls in the set of two.

Painting using Pallet Knife, Medium Acrylic
Size: 15×15 inches

 ~ SOLD ~

The Beginning

010Every journey starts from the beginning. Like all journeys we want this journey also to be auspicious, event free and smooth. The painting seeks guidance and blessings from Ganesha.

Abstract Acrylic Painting
Brush painting with objects added on for extra effect
Size: 17×22.5 inches

Colours of Music

05This piece depicts the thought that music makes colours and the pianist in the painting does not have any key on the piano or notes to make music

Painting using Brush strokes, Medium Acrylic
Size: 25×21 inches

 ~ SOLD ~

Bouquet Of Happiness

020Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Brush Painting
Size: 20 x 30 inches


026“Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Shakti Rupen Sansthitha.” This famous hymn pays respect to Goddess Shakti, who is all pervading and, resides within every living soul. This painting is an interpretation of how sages imbibe divinity from all pervading “Shakti”, drop by drop, through meditation and develop their inner power.

Abstract Acrylic Painting, Brush strokes
Size: 24×18 inches

Place of Enlightenment

01Some say the journey ends here, for others it marks another beginning. Can endless be achieved at the end? Some stop at peace, some stop at bliss, some stop at joy and some wonder what is more. This painting depicts one such place.

Duality 2

duality - series

These paintings are the second in the Duality series. They depicts the duality of Day and Night which we experience daily. These are two sides of the same coin and the guiding force is ‘Sama-Darśanaḥ’ (impartial and indifferent or seeing equally). These pieces are trying to capture this state.

The left one is an abstract deptiction of Day wherein the bright Red Sun is just about to rise and give light to the world

This right one is an abstract depiction of Night wherein the sun is about to set and the whole world gets into the mood of mystery.

Painting using Pallet Knife, Medium Acrylic

Day: 21×18 inches
Night: 25×17 inches
These two paintings ( Day and Night) can be hung together to make a statement and called Duality of Nature

House By The River

04To a little girl this is the Dream House she wants to live in, to a boy this is the house to acquire! This piece captures the emotion of having a dot in time set in eternity with the mornings and evenings brightening up the sky in different shades of orange as the river flows by.

Painting using Brush Strokes
Medium Oil
Size: 23×19 inches